Play or Host the Redwood Violin


Include the violin for just one song in a gig that you are already doing, make a recording at home, or arrange an event around the violin.

From beginner to professional, solo, ensemble, band or orchestra, we would like to hear as many musical combinations and genres as possible. We hope to get the Redwood Violin played by as many different musicians as we can.

The Redwood Violin doesn’t have to be the star of the show. The focus is on the breadth of music-making in the county.

We will promote your event, and we only ask that you post or submit some video of the event.


It would be great to hear from composers and other artists and musicians interested in collaborating with violinists


Interested in hosting a Redwood Violin Event? We would like to hear from art centers, wineries, bars, private homes or gardens……


Email Andrew Carruthers to discuss how you would like to be involved.