Greg Zall and Mark Tindley, Fine woodworking and marquetry.

Mark Tindley and Greg Zall do high end woodwork from furniture to cabinetry. Their biggest distinction is their spectacular marquetry work.

A tour of the shop and a just completed project

Their shop is in a semi-rural setting on the edge of Petaluma in a couple of the lovely old barns that you can see scattered around the edges of Petaluma in various stages of reuse or decay. These barns are the remnants of the once thriving egg industry from the time that the town proudly called itself “The egg capital of the world” . Check out the spikes on the rafters (video 0:37) to keep the hens from roosting overhead.

Woodworking School

If this inspires you, consider joining their new Woodworking school which will be opening , COVID permitting, early in 2021

Greg Zall website