New Theme Tune for the Redwood Violin Videos

I’m very excited to be able to add a theme tune to the Redwood Violin videos. High school Junior, Gwendolyn Thalia Przyjazna, composed this musical signature which I feel captures the optimistic and exploratory essence of the Redwood Violin Project.

Redwood Violin Theme by Gwendolyn Thalia Przyjazna

Gwendolyn is deeply in music composition and is seriously considering the possibility of music school soon. In March her original Concertino for violin and strings will be premiered by the Young Peoples Chamber Orchestra in a performance that will include The Redwood Violin

I’m looking forward to doing a complete interview with Gwen soon. Meanwhile, listen for the theme on the latest Redwood Violin videos.

1/10/21 Gwen has now also composed some back ground music for the videos. Adding music to the videos helps them a lot and having a home grown composer contributing to the project really rounds it out. Thanks Gwen!

Redwood Violin background music

Gwendolyn Thalia Przyjazna
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