Re-sawing the applewood

I normally get the wood for my violins in billets from Europe, pre-sawn to sizes that are easily digestible by a violinmaker. For that reason I’ve never bothered to acquire the machines that most modern wood shops have. The applewood came in a nice five by two foot plank. In violinmaking school I was shown how to cut all the parts that I need using hand saws, but I’ve grown lazy, so I decided to take the plank to some professionals for re-sawing into useful sizes for the Redwood Violin.

My friends Mark Tindley and Greg Zall have a shop in Petaluma where they do fine woodworking from furniture to cabinetry, and are known as masters of marquetry. Here’s a video of my visit and the process of re-sawing to make optimal use of the wood.

The applewood re-sawn to violinmaker friendly pieces. Enough for two backs, necks and sets of sides.
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