Violinabox. A Redwood Violin Project Spinoff

Taking another angle on the Made Local theme, a group of ten violinmakers in 9 countries across the world are building a single violin. The violin is being passed from maker to maker with each completing the next stage of construction. This collaborative violin building project has three distinctive features

  • Local substitutes for traditional materials must be found
  • Participants must involve other members of their communities
  • Participants must share their experience online

People following the project will not only get to learn about the process of making a violin but will also get a glimpse of other parts of the world from a local violinmakers perspective

10 Violinmakers. 9 Countries

The Violinabox started in Canberra, Australia where maker Hugh Withycombe made the mold and the sides of the violin and, critically, the box in which the instrument will travel around the globe. From Canberra the violin has been to Minneapolis, Minnesota and Santa Rosa, California.

Once the violin is completed it is hoped that a string of musicians around the world will play it at different locations before handing it off to a traveling colleague. The success of the second phase of the project depends on the public popularity of the first phase. You can easily help:

Support the Violinabox project!

Please visit the Violinabox project on Instagram. Follow us and share with your friends. The more exposure we get the more musicians will want to participate.

Project Updates

The best way to follow the project is through Instagram. I’ll also be making written reports on my blog